About Us

Earnest started professionally as a martial artist and dancer. He has studied a variety of martial arts from South Asian, East Asian, European and South American traditions. He danced ballet with the Columbia City Ballet and Austin City Ballet, among others.

While following that path, he began training in movement as medicine. He studied GYROTONIC, Somatic Education, Kinesis Myofascial Integration, and Thai Bodywork and Functional Range Conditioning, Facial Fitness,Yoga and Pilates. Due to a professional injury, Earnest started studying and practicing manual therapy and bodywork.

Earnest continues to draw on his experiences as a mover (more recently in capoeira and non-classical movement), as well as his knowledge and experience in healing to treat each injury and individual uniquely. He has worked with physical therapists to treat elite and Olympic level athletes rehabilitate from injury and improve their performance, as well as the strains common to modern living, and much in between.

Earnest’s bodywork sessions are a co-creative process with you, the client and expert on your body, to support you regaining your optimal movement and comfort goals.