About Us

Earnest has been exploring the boundaries of movement for more than three decades. Beginning as a martial artist, he studied various methodologies of Far Eastern and European Martial Arts for 13 years. His exploration of movement then led him into dance training at Ballet Austin, Columbia City Ballet, and The Ballet Arts Academy. He was an apprentice company member with the Columbia City Ballet, and also performed as a principal dancer with Austin City Ballet, Austin Dance Ensemble, and as guest artist with Ballet Spartenberg and the Dance Department at Palomar College. Earnest was also invited to, and attended the American Ballet Theater summer workshop for three consecutive years. Earnest has also trained as a GYROTONIC© apprentice instructor and has since extended his study into advanced skills such as Somatic Education, Kinesis Myofascial Integration and Thai Bodywork and Functional Range Conditioning.
Recovery from anterior cruciate ligament and meniscal injury led Earnest beyond his movement training to manual therapy and bodywork. Utilizing all his past experiences as a mover, he has worked with Physical Therapists to treat elite and Olympic level athletes rehabilitate from injury and improve their athletic performance.
Earnest believes in bringing all of his own and his clients’ somatic experiences to the table during each session. Every session is a co-creative process, the keys to which are listening and an invitation to change and evolve. His Bodywork sessions are rooted in proprioceptive exploration and the belief that the body cannot be addressed as a simple collection of individual muscles and organs but as a single dynamic organism with Intellectual, Somatic, Emotional, and Kinetic elements.
He firmly believes that static perfection in anything is an illusion, and that homeostasis exists on a continuum, and that one should never underestimate the power of a single, deep breath to create change.
As a dancer he is currently exploring non classical movement, somatic determinism and Capoeira.